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Big Data World arrives in Paris, the latest in our series of Global Big Data World events which includes events in London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Big Data World Paris is an interpretive and practical ‘how to’ event, with content designed to help data and business professionals shape their Big Data strategies. This world-leading conference, attended by CDOs, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Head of Data and key LOB decision makers and influencers, will offer insights, best practices, ideas and techniques that the attendees can take back to their offices and use across their own Big Data projects.

  • If you are looking to enter the French market or strengthen your position in 2020, Big Data World Paris is the place to be seen and heard!
  • If Big Data is part of your strategic mix, we want to hear from you because we can introduce you to the right Solutions Providers.
  • If your Big Data story is a key component of your success, let’s work together.

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Our global events attract a dedicated audience of over 1,000 exhibitors and 65,000 attendees across the world


Principal sales engineer – Maria DB

“The show has been good. There’s been a high attendance. I like the idea of having different types of
businesses like IoT, Security and Big Data, having a nice mix of things. I get the chance to talk to some people
that have a completely different perspective. I was suspicious with the idea of having the speaking sessions
inside all the buzz, but it actually worked out well.”

Marketing Manager, Oracle

“It is the first year we have exhibited and I find the event super interesting. We gave a talk, which was very well attended and
afterwards we had very good discussions. I would say the event was innovative and offers good opportunities to network.”

Gavin Holt, Business Development, Wolfram

“It’s an exhibition that pulls together various people from the technology landscape and it’s a good place to be. Everyone
seems open minded to explore the new technologies and solutions available. We have had plenty of good quality conversations
and expect some good return. We will be back next year with a bigger stand.”

Meg Wiseman, Marketing Apj, Snowflake

“ We’ve met our target audience and had good conversations with them. The audience are
attracted by the live demos we held at booth too. We’ve been already thinking to get a bigger
booth next year and hold more live demos to attract the audience.”

Emea Marketing Director, Marklogic

“Big Data World has been really good for us. It was very busy and we had many interesting
conversations which were good in quality. Big Data World provides good audience, good talks
and good content – so I would say good job!”

Matt Browning, Marketing Manager, Qubole

“It’s the very first time Qubole are here and it’s an awesome first outing. We have seen a great
balance a lot of stakeholders and decision makers.”

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  • “Le salon s'est bien passé, il y a eu beaucoup de monde, J'aime l'idée de mélanger les types de business comme IoT, cyber-sécurité et Big Data, ce qui est très diverse. Ça me donne l'opportunité de parler à des gens qui ont une perspective complètement différente."
    Principal Sales Engineer - Maria DB
  • “C'est la première année que nous exposons et je trouve l'évènement très intéressant. Nous avons fait une présentation qui a été suivie de bonnes discussions. Le salon est innovant et offre de bonnes opportunités de networking."
    Marketing Manager, Oracle
  • "C'est un salon qui attire des professionnels de divers secteurs de la technologie. Tout le monde est ouvert à essayer de nouvelles technologies et solutions. Nous avons eu beaucoup de conversations de haute qualité, et attendons de bons retours. Nous serons de retour l'année prochaine avec un plus grand stand."
    Gavin Holt, Business Development, Wolfram
  • "Nous avons rencontré notre cible et avons eu de bonnes conversations. Les visiteurs étaient attirés par les démonstrations sur notre stand. Nous pensons à prendre un plus grand stand l'année prochaine pour attirer plus de visiteurs."
    Meg Wiseman, Marketing APJ, Snowflake
  • “C'est la première fois que Qubole est là et l'expérience est géniale ! Nous avons vu un bon mix d'acteurs de l'industrie et de décisionnaires."
    Matt Browning, Marketing Manager, Qubole